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Life in the Abroad
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This is a blog about life in Canada and for anyone hoping to make travel plans.

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May 22, 2018 by Letizia Biafore

some fun facts about Canada
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It is home to the longest street and the longest coastline in the world24.
A bear from Canada inspired Winnie the Pooh2.
The United States has invaded Canada twice2.
There are over 55,000 different species of insects in Canada2.

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Jun 9, 2018 by Delinda Cammarata

Newcomers Program Canada – Government Programs to Help You
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Once you decide to make Canada your new home, you’ll want to get acquainted with the policies and programs that make this country a great place to live and work. This article will provide 5 of the best programs to help you meet. If you are new to Canada, several government programs may be able to help you. Here are five programs that you may be interested in: Newcomers Program Canada

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